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Promo Wearable of Choice for Under $3!


There’s a lot to love about branded bandannas. Discover all the reasons why bandannas, this popular promo item, should be at the top of your list when clients come asking for wearable accessories.

Why Bandannas? Let’s find out:

Why Bandannas? – Affordability


A Total Win-win!

Branded bandannas give your clients the best of both worlds: high-quality wearables without the high price tag. This combination allows you to delight customers with cost savings, plus you can surprise clients who previously thought they couldn’t afford wearables at all with a promo solution that looks expensive – even if it’s not.

Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line is proud to offer promo bandannas for less than three dollars. We’re not just talking your standard bandannas either. We’re talking about impressive wearable pieces of art that are customized with your client’s logo to create a promotional masterpiece. Not only are these bandannas more affordable than wearables like shirts and hats, but they also offer a larger canvas to showcase your client’s artwork and branding. Less money, more impact. It’s a total win-win.

Consider Bandannas for Large-Scale Giveaways

If your clients have a large-volume order coming up for a mass giveaway (ex: a tradeshow or fundraising event), bandannas are the perfect promo to suggest. While wearables like apparel will require different sizes to fit every end-user, bandannas are one-size-fits-all and can be artistically designed to feature the promotional event or project within the bandanna artwork itself. Apparel, on the other hand, might limit you to only showcase the event’s logo in order to keep costs down.

Concert Fans on shoulders wearing bandanas



One of the greatest branding benefits of wearables is how they turn end-users into walking billboards for your client’s brand. Unlike other promos that may be seen primarily by the end-user, wearables like bandannas are worn and displayed everywhere end-users go that day, collecting impressions from peers and passersby along the way. This offers your clients an impressive return on investment, giving them more impressions for their ad spend with every bandanna they purchase.

The Many Ways To Wear Branded Bandannas


There’s more than one way to wear these stylish wearables. What’s your favorite? Bring a product sample along with you on your client meetings to demonstrate all the ways this fashionable accessory can be worn, including some of our favorite stylings below.

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Sports Branding Spirit with Co-Branded Cheer Gear Bandannas

Interested in how you can elevate the world of sports marketing through interactive fan engagement rally bandannas?


June 6th,  2024 - Promo Marketing:

Sports marketing often conjures up images of candy bars, spirit wear like T-shirts and hoodies, and banners promoting the latest sponsor of the local high school baseball team. And while all of those items are impactful, to really tap into the unique opportunities in sports marketing through promotional products, distributors should consider the world of cheer gear - bandannas, Wav-A-Hanky, and NEW Custom Rally-Rags.

Branded Bandannas: The New Rally Rag!

Bandannas aren’t only worn – they can also be waved around like you just don’t care! Bandannas are versatile in terms of wearability as well as function. If you have any clients in the sports sector, consider suggesting bandannas as a creative alternative to rally towels by highlighting benefits like:

  • No loose cotton fibers, unlike some rally towels which can shed.
  • A larger branding canvas, whereas rally towels are typically smaller sizes.
  • The option to wear as accessories. Rally towels can only be held.

Have clients make the switch for a fresh take on team branding and fun fan participation.

Why Bandannas? – Mass Appeal


We all have a unique fashion taste.

Unfortunately, that means for many wearables  such as apparel  that every size and style won’t work for every end-user. Thankfully, that’s not the case with branded bandannas. These popular promos boast excellent mass appeal as they will not only fit every end-user, they also make a great sell for any season, giving them year-round sales appeal. This is great for projects in which your clients may not know the exact demographics for their giveaways.

Plus, bandannas can be branded for virtually any event, project theme or industry. Just talk to the design experts at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line and they’ll help turn your client’s artwork into a gorgeous wearable accessory for any sector or situation.

Bandannas for Year-Round Branding

Need some bandanna sales inspiration? Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line has got your back with branding ideas for every month of the year.

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