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January 12th – Print & Promo Marketing


Swag-Wag Custom Logo Pet Wearables for a Tail-Wagging Treat

It’s a new year, and we all know what that means: new opportunities to offer fresh, impactful items to your local and regional customers. While tried-and-true items like T-shirts and mugs do make an impression on the community, what are you as a promotional products distributor doing to create merch campaigns that are above and beyond? That bring a new perspective? That utilize fast-growing categories to put a brand’s name in front of a larger audience?

As you go about building merch campaigns for your local and regional clients this year, consider the pet products arena. Items like those in the Swag Wag line from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line are increasing exponentially in popularity, and not just for pet stores and pet owners. Think beyond the pet industry and take these popular products to new branding heights. Pet promotional wearables are your go-to for regional businesses advertising success, with “paws” on the ground and eyes on the brand. Here’s how…

Sales Strategies: Beyond the Pet Store

When you think of branded pet products, you probably think of customers like your local pet store or veterinarian. Of course, these customers are great, but distributors that stop there are short-changing themselves when it comes to opportunities. According to research done by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in the last eight years, average pet spending in the U.S. increased 67%, from $460 per year in 2013 to $770 per year in 2021. APPA also reports that Americans spent $136.8 billion (about $420 per person in the US) on their pets in 2022

Those are some huge numbers. Let’s think big, but on a local and regional scope. The Swag Wag line includes a variety of products, which means they will appeal to many customers. From the NEW Snap and Go Pet Triangle to branded leashes and collars, these items will be eye-catching to any end-user that owns a pet with functional use, key safety features and fashion wearable style.

Your local clients are looking to create a strong impact in their communities, and pet products can help. If you’re having a hard time thinking beyond the local pet food retailer, here are some customer ideas to get you going:

  • Local healthcare providers – hospitals to small clinics and doctor’s offices · Breweries and distilleries, plus regional wineries are all very pet friendly
  • Outdoor parks and local event centers
  • Real estate agents, builders, and service providers
  • Banks, small financial agencies to credit unions
  • Local insurance agents and offices
  • Law offices and attorneys
  • Pet-friendly hotels, bars, and restaurants
  • Anyone that wants their business advertised all over the community

Just because a business doesn’t specifically operate in the pet industry doesn’t mean they can’t utilize pet products in their branding campaigns. Pets are walking billboards!

Distributors would also be wise to go even further outside the box and explore the world of local and regional events. These serve as a phenomenal opportunity to get a logo out in front of a large, diverse audience, especially when it comes to pet products.

woman snapping bandana bandanna onto large dog

Take charity and fundraising race events for example. From running to biking to triathlons and more, many events are not only pet-friendly on the course, but four-legged friends can be found in the crowd cheering on participants. Provide some awesome Swag Wag in the participant goodie bag that’s printed

with sponsor logos and event details. These fashionable items will be worn during and after the event, putting a brand in front of more eyes than ever.

This point highlights the big advantages to incorporating branded pet products into any campaign, pet-related or otherwise. These items are not just going to be tossed in the trash after one use — they are functional, fashionable items that appeal to all pet owners.

Functional Fashion for Branding Campaigns

Now that you have some ideas on who to target with these products, it’s time to build these items into your offerings. Here’s where Bandanna Promotions comes in.

The company is poised to be the perfect partner in this arena with its Swag Wag line. Whether your client wants to elevate their campaign with the Pet Triangle or take it a step further with leashes and collars, Bandanna Promotions has you covered.

The triangles offer a great, well-rounded item to suit any category, theme, and branding campaign. Available in small, large, and extra-large, triangles come in 25 colors, are 100% cotton, and are made in the USA. Bandanna Promotions can customize these bandannas using rotary, screen printing, or digital printing to meet every need of your customer. Any of the company’s novelty, flag, tie dyes, and other 22″ x 22″ bandannas can be cut and sewn into large triangles, creating an almost endless selection of choices.

Snap and Go triangles are also a great option for those looking to spread brand awareness in the pet-lover community. They’re easy to take on, easy to take off, are safe for all types of pets, and the best part is, they get your local customers’ logos in front of an entire community. The company offers a free two-pack sample kit. You can choose from the economical screen print, or a more colorful rotary or digital bandanna.

And new in the lineup from Bandanna Promotions are pet collars and leashes. These “paw”-some products are dye-sublimated to create an eye-catching branded accessory that’s also usable. These products are available in any color and design, once again providing something that fits the branding needs of any customer.

Ultimately, there are ample opportunities and choices when it comes to branded pet products. By incorporating these items into your offerings for local and regional clients, distributors set themselves up for success by partnering with Bandanna Promotions to build better branding packages.

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