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FREE eProofs for the 1st & 2nd Revisions
$125 per hour charge for 3rd+ Revisions if required.


Art charges: Artwork that must be improved will incur an art charge per hour, with a minimum of one hour. Art charges of one hour or less will be invoiced and processed without distributor approval and no delay in production. *NOTE*Production cannot begin until all art issues/charges have been resolved and art has been approved by Bandanna Promotions (BP). A delay in providing useable artwork will affect your ship date. Furthermore, Artwork will be sized to maximum imprint size unless specified.

Art Requirements

Images created in vector format, such as Adobe Illustrator, are preferred. If you do not have vector art
you may send rastor art, but it must be at least 300 dpi and at the full size of your imprint. Plus, Art charges
will apply to convert rastor to vector art.

Requirements: Include all files that have been placed, embedded, nested, or imported in your final
layout. Convert all fonts to curves or outlines. Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and CorelDraw give you this
option. For Digital: Art to size and 300 dpi for best results or higher resolution is suggested.

File Types:

File types: Adobe Illustrator CC and earlier versions (AI files); Adobe Photoshop CC and earlier versions
(PSD files); or PDF, EPS, JPG or TIFF files. Always include a copy of the full artwork. Also, If you are e-mailing artwork please compress files before sending to:


Art Requirements Cont’d

On rotary and digital orders, exact quantities cannot be guaranteed. We will ship +/- 5% Sizes: Can vary by 5%. Billing terms and credit cards: Net 30 with approved credit. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMEX.


Shipping: All orders are shipped bulk.

Production time: Listed on each product page. All times are “working days”. Production time starts AFTER we received a complete order, including artwork, shipping and credit information. If there is an “in hands” date confirmation by BP is required when the order is placed.

Art Requirements Cont’d

Freight: Orders are FOB factory in Greenville, S.C. Bandanna Promotions is not responsible for the delay of any freight carrier. We ship by UPS, FedEx and common carrier. Freight amounts quoted are estimates and do not include fuel surcharges or other carrier fees.

Pricing: Prices listed in this website are in US dollars and are good for 2022 . However, BP reserves the right to pass along product price increases and/or increased freight charges that result from a change in national or world economics.

trademark usage

Bandanna Promotions cannot assume responsibility with respect to the ownership of trademarks or corporate logos submitted for reproduction on our products. Logos reproduced in this catalog illustrate our imprinting capabilities only. Ownership of logos remains with individual corporations represented and our use does not imply endorsement or general availability of reproduction rights.


BP is committed to quality, not only in our products but in the service we provide. Due to the nature of fabric, we cannot guarantee against variances in the color, shade, texture, size, and construction of finished goods. Fabric colors may vary from one lot to the next. Exact matching of fabric colors on reorders or the degree of colorfastness cannot be guaranteed.

Similar colors of different materials & sizes may not be an exact match. Domestic colors and import colors are not the same.



No cancellations without approval of Bandanna Promotions
Change fees can apply once order is in process.


Rotary Inks: Rotary inks are water-based and printed on white cloth. Imprints will not change color and color migration is not an issue. Flash drying is not required and there is no set up or screen charge for additional colors.

Overs/Unders: We reserve the right to ship up to 5% over or under the quantity ordered. On rotary press orders, exact quantities cannot be guaranteed. We will ship +/- 5%; on import orders we ship up to 10% over.

12 Standard Ink Colors

There is a mixing charge when exact PMS color matches are requested. Exact matches should be done on white or natural bandannas only and will not be guaranteed on colored bandannas.

IMPRINTS – Silkscreen

Art Requirements

Multi-color imprints: We can print silkscreen imprints in up to six colors. Every color requires its own screen and running charge. Note* – The minimum order for a multi-color imprint is 100 pieces.

PMS color imprints: Unless requested,exact color matching is not guaranteed. Colors will be matched as close as possible. A PMS color is guaranteed on white/natural bandanna only.

IMPRINTS – Silkscreen

chart showing line and type sizes - art requirements

preferred – Vector art

Art Requirements:

Vector Art is created using software programs such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, InkScape, etc. Files should be saved in one of the following formats: .AI .EPS .PDF

1) Make sure lines and fonts in art meet minimum weight and size (see graphic below)

2) Convert all fonts to outlines.

3) Embed any linked files.

Raster Images:

Note: Raster images placed in a vector file does not make them vector art and may require art time and incur art charges to fix.

For color matching: Please choose colors from the Pantone Solid Coated book in the color swatches pallet. (Excluding Metallics and Neons)

For single-color raster designs: Files should be saved in one of the following formats: .PSD .TIF


Process White PMS


bright yellow PMS 108

Bright Yellow

PMS 109
Kelly Green PMS 355

Kelly Green

PMS 355
Process White PMS


athletic gold PMS 135

Athletic Gold

PMS 143
Forest Green PMS 342

Forest Green

PMS 342
Red PMS 199


PMS 186
Orange PMS 155 standard ink colors


PMS 165
Royal Blue PMS 286

Royal Blue

PMS 286
hot pink PMS 212

Hot Pink

PMS 212
Dark Purple PMS 268

Dark Purple

PMS 268
navy blue PMS 289

Navy Blue

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