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Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line


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Support Cause Awareness with Functional, Fashionable Bandannas

There’s still plenty of 2023 to capitalize on cause awareness initiatives.


May 8th,  2023 - Promo Marketing:

Perhaps you’ve seen awareness posts all over social media, witnessed folks wearing themed apparel while out and about, or even received informational flyers about supporting a cause. Cause awareness has really come into the spotlight the past few years, with each calendar month dedicated to certain groups, charities, or initiatives designed to build awareness and gain support.

While promotional products distributors might have their own personal dedication to a specific one or select few, the fact of the matter is every month is an opportunity to help your clients support a different cause. February is all about heart health; April focuses on Earth Month and sustainability. And as we move into the summer months of 2023, May centers on pets and June is Pride Month. Are your clients equipped with the latest unique products to support these awesome initiatives? Go beyond the T-shirt and add some super sweet swag bandannas from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line to the mix. As your GO-TO $3 and less wearable accessory promotion, you can’t miss with these items.

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