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Unlock The Promo Potential:

How to Provide Clients Uniquely Custom Bandannas with a choice of four print processes.


There’s more to promotional bandannas than meets the eye. Just ask ASI supplier Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE, a leader in the promotional products industry, who sees each bandanna as a blank promotional canvas, ready to be transformed with one-of-a-kind custom logo artwork made specifically for your client’s unique needs.

The only U.S. bandanna manufacturer offering four print processes!

Yup, you read that right. Bandanna Promotions creates completely custom designs for your clients, rather than simply adding logos to solid-color bandannas. That means you can offer clients full-service design solutions; a surefire way to exceed expectations and blow any competition out of the water.

Don’t worry – you don’t need any design background to sell clients on custom bandannas. Allow Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE to show you how it’s done.

Print Process #1


This versatile printing process involves printing an image directly from a computer-generated design file onto fabric substrates by way of a large-format inkjet printer.

Bandannas are created starting with a white cloth before full-color graphics are printed on the front (the back is left solid white).

This is an ideal method for artwork with fine details or photographic images, as it delivers that realistic quality clients are after.

With no extra fees for multiple colors, you can provide clients with the impact, color and messaging they’re after, regardless of complicated artwork. With digital printing, the possibilities are endless.



  • 100 pieces for bandannas
  • 100 pieces for pet bandannas

Artwork Possibilities


  • Full-color decoration
  • Photographic-quality graphics
  • Edge-to-edge graphics
  • Traditional square border layouts
  • Step-and-repeat logos all over

Fabric Options


  • 100% polyester peachskin (economical with soft drape)
  • 100% cotton (standard substrate)
  • 100% cotton fine sateen (upscale sheen)

Popular for:


  • Charity runs, marathons and other races
  • Hospitals, doctors’ offices and healthcare centers
  • Food, music and arts festivals
  • Pet-friendly businesses
  • Food and beverage brands
  • Sports leagues and athletic tournaments

Get Creative with Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE

With so many options at your fingertips, lean on the talented design team at Bandanna Promotions to create custom artwork unique to your client. Just send in their logo, PMS background color, any theme ideas or extra icons and let Bandanna Promotions’ creative team do the rest. They’ll follow up with mockup layout designs you can then review with your client – a simple way to show customers you’re willing to go the extra mile to make their bandannas one-of-a-kind.

Print Process #2


If your clients want larger-than-life bandannas, silkscreen is the way to go, as this method offers the largest imprint area of all the methods.

So how does it work? In silkscreen printing, the imprint color is laid down on a dyed piece of cloth. Note that silkscreen printing doesn’t allow for edge-to-edge printing; all designs must have a border (for example, when starting with a blank 22” bandanna, the imprint size will be 18” x 18”).

Don’t worry though: Bandanna Promotions makes it easy to create unique bordered designs with their premade graphics and templates, ranging from open center, overprint or edge-print options.



  • 100 Pieces

Artwork Possibilities


  • Up to 6 colors
  • 18” x 18” imprint (larger than standard options)

Fabric Options


  • 100% Cotton

Popular for


  • Product launches and rebranding reveals
  • Charity events and fundraisers
  • Real estate companies and open houses
  • Banks, accountants and other finance businesses
  • Sports stadiums and fan giveaways

Get Creative with Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE

1 color and two color custom paisleys four print processes

Take advantage of Bandanna Promotions’ most popular stock design option: the custom paisley bandanna. Their dedicated art team makes your client’s logo part of the paisley pattern by adding it to the center, corners or sides of the overall paisley artwork for a completely unique paisley design made special for your client. Bandanna Promotions – promotional products leader!

Print Process #3


When plenty of colors and fast production matters, opt for rotary printing.

This method results in super soft bandanas, as the dyes are absorbed directly into white cloth, so you won’t feel it when you rub your hand over it. Colors will also appear vibrant for excellent brand matching.

Even better, this method uses eco-friendlywater-based pigment dyes, making this an excellent option for eco-conscious clients who want to be more sustainable in their business practices.



  • 3,000 pieces (1-2 colors)
  • 5,000 pieces (1-5 colors)
  • 10,000+ pieces (1-8 colors)

Artwork Possibilities


  • 19” x 19” traditional square designs
  • Edge-to-edge, step-and-repeat logo with custom PMS color background

Fabric Options


  • 100% Cotton
  • 50% cotton/50% polyester

Popular for


  • School spirit events and booster clubs
  • Concerts and entertainment events
  • Veterinarians, groomers and animal shelters
  • Recreational athletic leagues
  • Restaurants, bars and breweries

Get Creative with Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE

Edge-to-edge printing is possible with rotary printing, but only certain layouts will work. Thankfully, you can just send in your client’s artwork to Bandanna Promotions’ creative team, and they’ll recommend any changes necessary to make your design work for edge-to-edge, so you can always tell clients, “Yes, I can do that for you.”

Print Process #4


Introducing a lost art in fabric decoration today: double-sided printing. With the duplex printing method, designs are printed on both the front and back with 100% color saturation on both sides.

Note that only a one- or two-color design will work for this unique technique for crystal clear designs that clients and consumers will love.

The best part? Your client’s artwork will be applied so skillfully by the printing cylinders, the result may even be mistaken for a woven design without the high cost associated with it.



  • 3,000 pieces

Artwork Possibilities


  • Exclusive double-sided prints
  • 100% color dye saturation on both sides

Fabric Options


  • 100% Cotton
  • 50% cotton/50% polyester

Popular for


  • Summer camps
  • Corporate summer parties
  • Environmental nonprofits
  • Volunteer cleanup events
  • Public parks and campgrounds

Get Creative with Bandanna Promotions by CARO-LINE

Did you know duplex-printed bandannas from Bandanna Promotions are the only double-sided imprinted bandannas available in the industry? This is a savvy way to provide clients with a unique product they can’t get anywhere else, and that will set them apart from their competitors. It also allows your distributorship to shine, as you were the promo partner who could get clients this exclusive item when others could not.

Bandannas Proudly Made In The USA

Bandanna Promotions, a leader in the promotional products industry, is proud to be celebrating over 75 years of producing USA-made bandannas. In fact, this supplier is the only U.S. bandanna manufacturer offering 4 different printing options, so you’ll be in great hands making them your supplier partner.

Remember, with supply chain issues and inventory shortages causing product delays in our industry, it’s smart to shop domestic to prevent holdups before they happen. Plus, you’ll be supporting U.S. jobs and dedicated workers. It’s a win-win!