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Schools and Sports!


SCHOOLS AND SPORTS: With the camaraderie of being together in one building or even classroom with their peers again this fall, comes the desire to proudly boast their school spirit branding on a wide variety of promotional products.

Here’s a look at three ways to get students, teachers, parents, alumni and the entire community of fans on board to celebrate school spirit, supporting their local education institutions.

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Boost Cause Awareness Marketing with Eye-Catching Bandannas

Millennials and Gen Z consumers want to buy from companies that support a cause or have a strong purpose that’s similar to their own.


MAY 10th,  2024 - Promo Marketing:

As the millennial and Gen Z buying groups have come into their own, less emphasis has been put on purchasing items “just because,” and more focus has been put on purchasing items because they align with a certain cause of belief. Millennials and Gen Z consumers want to buy from companies that support a cause or have a strong purpose that’s similar to their own. Multiple surveys have been conducted in recent years proving this point. According to Zeno’s 2020 Strength of Purpose, when a company leads with purpose, respondents were 76% more likely to trust that company. Additionally, according to a Cone Communications study, 37% of consumers say a company’s goodwill influences them to purchase products or services.


Between corporate sponsorships, co-branding, and non-profit fundraising, partnering opportunities become stronger using unique, eye-catching products from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line.

Show School Pride

back to school Class of 2022 bandanna red

On the collegiate level, the university bookstore is a must for returning and new students to buy their school’s logo gear, but there’s no reason for that excitement to only happen on college campuses. Help education clients of all levels develop either a physical storefront in the school or at a local business. Even a pop-up ecommerce store can create buzz. The spirit gear can vary to include a combination of school name, school mascot name, and phrases like “Class of 2022” to celebrate graduation or “alumni” to allow former students to show off their alma mater. Or, for younger students, consider a fun, interactive item like the Color-Me-Danna featuring a picture of the school mascot cheering on a sports team or educating students on a specific lesson.

The pieces can be redesigned annually with a back to school or spirit week launch to promote school pride. The Spirit-Danna can make a great addition to that merchandise line. The 22” standard bandanna comes in more than 25 colors, including four neon options, to match the school’s color scheme. Consider a variety of design ideas, such as horizontal or angled step and repeat logos, one centered logo, engineered random logos, tossed logos, headband logo, two-location head scarf logos or the top seller that features the logo integrated within a custom paisley design. See more layout template ideas here.

“Bandannas are a great addition to a school’s merchandise offering,” Scott Thackston, national sales director at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line, said. “Not only do they showcase school pride, but they have a large imprint area for customization and can be worn in numerous ways. It’s really the most fashionable and affordable way to outfit the entire family—including any canine companions—in branded school spirit wear year-round.”

Fundraise for a Cause

While creating spirit accessories in the name of school pride is a great way to promote an education facility from preschool to college, there are opportunities to use these products to raise awareness and money for other causes as well. The school parent-teacher association (PTA) is often looking for ways to improve its school. Look beyond bake sales and raffles by creating a specialty item that can generate cash to fill the gaps in funding. Maybe the arts budget was slashed, or textbooks are extremely outdated or there simply aren’t enough basic school supplies for all students. The PTA can pick a pet project to raise money through the sale of a promotional product.


Each school activity and department can have its very own uniquely branded fundraiser option, such as the football team’s need for new uniforms, the marching band’s travel to an out-of-state performance or a fraternity’s or sorority’s drive for a local nonprofit organization. Each of these instances needs a product that not only features the school, but also the club or sport that donations are supporting. Consider universally loved items like the Tote-Danna. Or, design a must-have Digi-Danna featuring a photo of the team or club that is fundraising. To increase profits even more, the school can find a sponsor to cover the cost of the promotional items, so 100% of donations can go to the cause.

Find Sponsors for Game Day Giveaways

While school teams may participate in fundraisers, they also have other needs for promotional products. From specific merchandise for each sport, to pep rally and game day giveaways, sports programs are seeking the latest ideas to attract fans and keep the stands highlighted in team colors. Bandanna Promotions’ 14” Wav-a-Hanky, available in more than a dozen colors, helps to make fans’ rallying cries more pronounced as the final seconds wind down during a game-winning drive and can double as a post-game memento. Better yet, to avoid the school or team covering the product cost, secure a local sponsor to pay for the product and reap the benefits of having its company logo appear alongside the school’s name.

When they’re not used as a game day giveaway, bandannas add color to pep rallies before the big game and will likely be visible at the game as well. But this product doesn’t need to be a giveaway. Your clients can sell the standard 22” bandanna at the team’s merch stand at games and make specialty versions for special events like pep rallies with sponsored giveaways and playoff game giveaways. Don’t forget the athlete’s swag gear too, as football players can even sport these under their helmets as a sweatband.

“Our bandannas are always a hit with back-to-school and education promotions,” Scott said. “We look forward to partnering up with distributors looking for a fresh way for promotional products to enter the classroom as well as the stands this fall. Our Spirit-Dannas are fashionable while our Wav-a-Hankies are functional for cheering at a variety of school functions.”