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Wag-Worthy Swag

How To Unleash the Power of Pet Promos

We sniffed out the secret to becoming the top dog of promo sales!

Discover why pet wearable promotions should be your new go-to sales resource. It’s the best local to regional promotional advertising with paws on the ground and eyes on the brands! Learn how to tap into this lucrative market with key tips and ideas that are sure to get your clients tail-wagging branding success.

Introducing Swag-Wag Pets

by Caro-Line

You’ll be barking up the right tree presenting your clients premium artistically branded pet wearables from Swag-Wag Pets by Caro-Line. Recognized as an industry leader of pet wearable promos, you can sell these popular items confidently to every business category and to both new and current clients alike.

Pet Triangle Bandannas

Available in a variety of sizes, colors and styles, from custom USA-made pet bandanna triangles to import stock, this is a comprehenseive wearable line to present. Clients can choose from 3 in-house imprinting processes: rotary custom dyedsilk screen or digital full color to fit their exact brand needs and budget.

Check out the new and exclusive  “Snap & Go™” bandannas too. Easy-on and -off makes it a snap to go for a fun and safe walk with our furry friends. The adjustable fit for any size dog or pet makes for the paw-fect uniform fit that will get your client’s brand noticed and create a truly sophisticated, fashionable look.


As collars are typically worn by pets 24/7 and leashes are used on every walk, these mainstay products are a savvy way to deliver consistent, next level, colorful branding for your clients.

Think of both options as full-color palettes of artistic branding with dye-sublimation printing to create eye-catching designs that spread local to regional brand awareness.


That Make Sales Easy

More Doggie Insight:

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There’s a lot to love about wearable pet accessories. Use these talking points during your discussions to educate clients on why investing in pet promos will make their business the leader of the pack.

Keep paws on the ground and eyes on your client’s brand with colorful, high-quality pet accessories. These innovative products turn our four-legged pals into walking billboards, spreading brand awareness and capturing attention everywhere they go.

Turn Pets Into Brand Advocates

Promos don’t need to be expensive to deliver strong results. No product category exemplifies this quite like pet wearables, which get plenty of impressions thanks to the cute factor of their models. For very little spend, your clients’ brands will be seen by many and win the favor of pet lovers all over town.

Affordable With a Great ROI

Who can resist snapping a picture of an adorable pup or cat rocking a colorful branded pet bandanna? Explain to clients how cute animal pictures get tons of engagement online, which means their investment will get liked and shared on social where it can reach a broad audience beyond the local community.

Get Seen On Social Media

Nothing brings on those warm and fuzzy feelings towards a company like knowing they support animals. By putting their brand name on pet products, consumers will associate your client as being a company that cares, building a positive sentiment and making potential consumers more likely to support the business later on.

Promote a Positive Brand Perception

Sales Inspiration

Beyond The Pet Industry

While pet-related industries are certainly lucrative customers for pet promos, don’t limit yourself to only these markets. Discover all the sales paws-sibilities out there by striking up conversations with clients in these high-spend sectors.

Did You Know?

Average pet spending per household in the U.S. increased 67% from 2013 to 2021, per MarketWatch research. Expect this trend to continue, as millennials and Gen Z continue to rise in the workforce.


Accounts for 10.4% of distributor revenue, per the 2023 Counselor State of the Industry.

Pet-related products will bring strong and healthy sales numbers with the lucrative healthcare market. Don’t only focus on veterinarians or animal hospitals: human healthcare services can use pet products as appointment reminders or free gifts to bring a smile to patients’ faces.

Businesses To Bark at:

  • Hospitals
  • Doctors’ offices
  • Urgent care clinics
  • Surgery centers


Accounts for 7.1% of distributor revenue, per the 2023 Counselor State of the Industry.

As charities and nonprofit groups rely heavily on donations, investing in affordable promos that resonate with consumers is of utmost importance. Thankfully, wearable pet promos will promote the cause and reach potential donors every time dogs go on a walk.

Businesses To Bark at:

  • Environmental charities
  • Advocacy groups
  • Local fundraisers
  • Booster clubs


Accounts for 6.3% of distributor revenue, per the 2023 Counselor State of the Industry.

The finance industry is highly competitive, which means businesses in this space need to stand out to reach customers. Pet promos will make an emotional connection with end-users and put them at ease when choosing where to invest their hard-earned dollars.

Businesses To Bark at:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies
  • Mortgage offices

Food & Beverage

Accounts for 4.7% of distributor revenue, per the 2023 Counselor State of the Industry.

These popular locales for resting and imbibing are often pet friendly, making them perfect candidates for pet-related promos. Along with local watering holes, seek out pet-friendly hotels for more five-star sales opportunities.

Businesses To Bark at:

  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Wineries
  • Hotels

Real Estate

Accounts for 3.1% of distributor revenue, per the 2023 Counselor State of the Industry.


Remind these customers how in order to welcome families to their new homes, they can’t forget about fur childrenPet accessories branded with their agency or group name is a thoughtful way to thank home buyers for their business.

Businesses To Bark at:

  • Realtors
  • Home builders
  • Property management
  • Title companies

Get Your Free 2-Pack Sample Kit

See this paw-some product line for yourself by requesting your free samples of the new “Snap & Go” Pet Triangles from Swag-Wag Pets by Caro-Line. Just fill out your information, select your desired imprint method and you’re all set! Be sure to bring these samples to your client meetings so clients can see their doggone delightful style with their own eyes, making securing orders a snap.