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January 31st – Print & Promo Marketing – 4 Print Process


4 USA Imprinting
Options for Customized
Artistic Wearable Branding


Gone are the days of cookie-cutter pen designs and traditional matching shirts with the same logo on every single one. Today’s promotional products consumers no longer want what everyone else has. Instead, they want custom, colorful, unique, fashionable items that not only promote their favorite brands, but align with their customer’s personal passions. Brands now must stand out in a sea of advertising chaos by elevating their artistic design campaigns and products that speak to global influences while still maintaining a cohesive look. That also means offering products that aren’t the traditional pen or typical coffee mug.

Promotional products distributors must think beyond the basic and really delve into what makes their customers’ branding campaigns come alive.

To do so successfully, they must partner with the right companies to create that extra-special product lineup. That’s where Bandanna Promotions and Swag-Wag lines by Caro-line comes in. With the industry’s only in-house, four USA-made imprinting processes, the company can help you elevate any campaign, from the local real estate agent to the regional car dealer. With Caro-Line and its two product lines — Bandanna Promotions and Swag-Wag Pets — the company gives the end-user client the options for a “good, better, best” look to elevate their brand’s perception with functional artistic wearables for people and pets.

Four Imprinting Processes to Capture Every Need

An eye-catching product starts with an eye-catching design. And the right artistic design starts with options for the imprinting process. Bandanna Promotions creates completely custom designs for your clients using four in-house, USA-made imprinting processes. Each brings different advantages, all designed to elevate its bandannas a step above other products.

woman snapping bandana bandanna onto large dog

Process No. 1: Digital Printing – Full-Color Option

This versatile printing process involves printing an image directly from a computer-generated design file onto fabric substrates by way of a large-format inkjet printer. Custom Digital Bandannas are created starting with a white cloth before full-color graphics are printed on the front (the back is left solid white).

With today’s end-user searching for artistic design, look no further than the digital process, which is suited for artwork with fine details, as well as photographic and realistic images.

Process No. 2: Screen Printing – Most Popular

Make your client’s artistic designs come to life using this process. In screen printing, the imprint color is laid down on a dyed piece of cloth. Note that this method doesn’t allow for edge-to-edge printing; all designs must have a border (for example, when starting with a blank 22” bandanna, the imprint size will be 18×18”).

Process No. 3: Rotary Printing – Most Affordable

Rotary printing creates a softer bandanna because the eco-friendly, water-based pigment dyes are absorbed into the cloth. Colors will also appear vibrant for excellent brand matching. Not only is this ideal for your artistic-minded clients, but it also aligns with those that value sustainability.

Edge-to-edge printing does work with certain designs using this method. Simply send in your client’s artwork to Bandanna Promotions’ creative team, and they’ll recommend any changes necessary to make your design work for edge-to-edge, so you can always tell clients, “Yes, I can do that for you.”

Process No. 4: Duplex Printing – Exclusive Print Process

Your customers will go crazy for this USA-made exclusive print process for their branding campaigns. The fabric is printed on both sides — a clear outline is produced on both sides of the fabric. The design is applied so skillfully by the printing cylinders that the result may be mistaken for a woven design.

This is a savvy way to provide clients with a unique product they can’t get anywhere else, and that will set them apart from their competitors. It also allows you to shine as the promo partner who could get your customer an exclusive item when others could not.

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Fun, Fashionable Products for Every Branding Style

Creating unique artistic designs is only step one in building the perfect promotional program. The next step is to make sure those designs are printed on products that are fun and fashionable. Have you considered bandanna?

Bandanna Promotions has a healthy, comprehensive offering of bandannas. From solid colors to paisleys, patterns, and more, your client is practically guaranteed to find something that matches their artistic inspiration. Beyond that, the company’s Swag Wag line continues to draw attention to pet products that are sure to please. These products can be utilized across a variety of markets. Take the beverage industry for example. Breweries, distilleries, wineries, and even specialty soda companies are all on the hunt for those unique products to give to their end-users and clientele. Give these customers that 2-for1 punch with branded bandannas for pets and their owners.

Or perhaps you have customers in the events and entertainment space. This is where bandannas can really shine as a fashionable accessory as they can be worn in a variety of ways to any concert or festival:

  • Headband
  • Neck Scarf
  • Arm or Leg Band
  • Tucked into a Pocket
  • Hair Wrap
  • And More

All four printing processes discussed earlier can be applied to any bandanna product as well as the Pet Triangles and other Swag Wag products. These options are made for your customers who continue to think outside the box, want to push creative limits, and are always looking for new, innovative made-in-America promotional products and ideas. Be sure to check the company’s Printing and Sales Guide to help you create the perfect branding package for your clients. With Caro-Line and its two product lines — Bandanna Promotions and Swag-Wag Pets — your clients will get the options for a good, better, and best look to elevate their campaigns with artistic wearables for people and pets. Order your FREE (4) pack sample kit of each unique print process today!