Stock Borders

Bandanna Promotions offers a number of standard borders you can use to dress up your bandanna design. There is no charge for using one of our borders.  You will receive a free digital proof of your layout.

Many of our borders can be done as a multi-color imprint. If your logo and the border are the same color, there is no additional cost beyond the art charge. If, however, you put your border in one color and your logo in another, it will be priced as a two-color imprint. Remember, our minimum order for multi-color imprints is 300 pieces.

Here are some artwork guidelines to keep in mind when using a border:

  • Borders can be sized to fit any bandanna we make – 14”, 22” or 27”. The border must fit inside the imprint area, which will always leave an open edge around the bandanna. For example, the imprint area of our 22” bandanna is 18” x 18”. That is the size of the border print from outside edge to outside edge, creating a 2 inch open border on all four sides of the bandanna.
  • Design your logo or artwork to work with the border. If your promotional message or logo has a lot of detail, select a simple border design. If it’s a simple design, you can go with one of our more detailed borders. A border design should complement your logo, not compete with it or visually overpower it.
  • When doing a multi-color imprint it’s best to select a light colored bandanna, such as white, natural or one of our pastel colors.
  • If you are using a dark colored bandanna choose your imprint colors with care. To really dress up a dark bandanna we suggest a metallic silver imprint (additional charge of $.20(A) per piece).
  • Our sports borders are 100% custom. If you do not like the sports phrase that is part of the design, we can change or remove it. If you want a border for a sport we do not show, we can create it for you. It will follow the same overall design of our sports borders but with artwork promoting your sport.

Note: Pet borders can be used on either triangles or square bandannas.