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Sell this style to clients looking for more colors, faster production or a softer-feeling bandanna printed with water-based pigment dyes. With no screen or setup charges, a faster turnaround than any other supplier and edge-to-edge printing with select designs, you can’t go wrong pitching this bandanna. Great fit for:

  • Marathons
  • Invitations
  • Hospitals
  • Concerts

Educate Clients on Rotary Printing: With rotary printing, the ink is absorbed into the cloth and cannot be felt when you rub your hand over it. As a result, you get a softer feel. Rotary printing starts with white cloth. Each color in your client’s design is printed directly on white cloth, which is the base color, making colors vibrant and true. PMS colors can be matched easily.

for you FREE Custom Printing
4 Pack Sampler!


While full-color designs can’t be printed with rotary, your clients can still get a similar look using halftones and gradient blends. This requires printing your client’s design in 5 to 8 colors (depending on quantity ordered). Just ask Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line’s art department to help you determine the number of colors required based on your client’s design.

Edge-to-edge printing is possible with rotary printing, but only certain layouts will work. Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line’s staff can also recommend changes that will allow your client’s design to be printed this way. If your design can’t be printed edge-to-edge, the imprint or logo area is 19″ x 19″ with base color bleeds as full coverage to edges.




With a low 72-piece minimum and no set-ups, this bandanna offers full-color designs, photography or an edge-to-edge step-and-repeat logo for a big impact. Your clients can choose from 3 unique fabric options: 100% cotton for a traditional look; 100% fine sateen cotton for shine and sheen; or 100% polyester peachskin for a soft, draping feel. We recommend selling this style to:

  • Vets
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Causes
  • Schools

Educate Clients on Digital Printing: Get the realistic pop clients want with this printing process, which delivers the impact, color and message to the marketplace with a low minimum. This process involves printing an image directly from a computer-generated design file onto fabric substrates by way of a large-format inkjet printer. It involves starting with a white cloth, full color on the front and a solid white back, and is ideal for artwork with fine details or photographic images. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital printing.