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Standard Ink Colors

Shown here are our 12 standard ink colors along with their PMS number. Please list your color request on your P.O.

12 Standard PMS colors for Bandanna Promotions ink colors

Because of computer monitor variations,
actual color of merchandise may differ
slightly from that shown.

There is a $30 (H) mixing charge when exact PMS color matches are requested. Exact matches should be done on white or natural bandannas only. Exact PMS matches are not guaranteed on colored bandannas.

Depending on the imprint ink color and the color of the cloth being printed, the imprint ink may change color. Unfortunately bandannas cannot be printed with a white underlay first in an attempt to keep colors from being affected by the cloth color. This works on many textile products, such as T-shirts, but it does not work on bandannas

When Colors Meet

On silkscreen orders the imprint color may be affected by the color of the cloth. For example, a red imprint on a royal blue bandanna will not look as red as when it is printed on a white bandanna. We will make every effort to keep colors true, however we cannot stop this color change from occurring.

Fabric bleed also can affect a silkscreen imprint. Excess dye in the cloth can bleed into the imprint changing the color. This can happen days after the imprint has been applied. Fabric bleed occurs most often when white is printed on a strong color background such as – but not limited to – red, navy blue, green and black.

It is impossible to tell before an imprint is applied if fabric bleed will be an issue. While Bandanna Promotions uses the highest quality inks, they can still be affected. We pay extra to get the most opaque white ink available in an effort to keep white imprints white. This extra cost is not passed on to our customers. Even so, we cannot guarantee fabric bleed will not occur.

If your order calls for a color imprint on a color bandanna, we ask that you sign a release agreeing to the above terms. The release will be emailed to you. Your order will not proceed until the signed release is returned.