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It’s Back To School Time!

From Elementary to High School, to College…
Show your schools colors or spirit with back to school bandannas or hankies!

back to school Image showing Bandanna Promotions various ways of creating bandannas.
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Bandannas and Pet Swag Should Be Your Go-To Wearable Accessory of Choice

Gone are the days of the same old T-shirt & the traditional left-chest logo!


March 7th,  2023 - Promo Marketing:

It’s spring. More importantly, it’s spring of 2023. Gone are the days of the same old T-shirt, the traditional left-chest logo with sizes XS – 4XL, and the typical patch on a cap. While the nostalgia of tradition has its place, it’s time to revamp your clients’ promotional wearable campaigns. Modern businesses don’t want something that will be overlooked — they want their logo to be displayed in way that immediately brings their brand front and center next level exposure.

But creating a fresh new wearable campaign can be easier said than done. Where do you start? How do you explore all of the amazing options out there?

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