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Why A Bandanna

A bandanna has one of the largest imprint areas of any promotional product. With it’s huge 18″ x 18″ imprint area you can do more than just show off your logo, you can tell your marketing/advertising story.

There’s magic in a bandanna.

Your imprint can turn a “wearable” bandanna into a “usable” bandanna.

  • A map
  • An invitation to an event
  • An event program/schedule
  • A new product information sheet
  • A celebration of your company’s history
  • A commemorative wall poster

One Product; Multiple Uses

A bandanna is a square piece of cloth…with an attitude. When you give away a bandanna you are also giving:

  • A head scarf
  • A luggage tag
  • A hand  towel
  • An emergency bandage
  • A napkin, placemat, or hotpad
  • A sweatband
  • + 50 more uses

So the real Question is…

Why NOT a bandanna?