What's New This Month? March 2021

Each month we have a feature article in Promo Marketing Magazine showcasing our latest products and product trends. Here is this months article:

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March 8, 2021

New Ideas for Theme Swag Kits as Demand for Advertising Spending Returns

Over the past year, as in-person events have been sidelined and many workplaces have shifted to employees’ homes, companies have struggled with how to connect to customers and employees. That’s when kits hit the market and skyrocketed in demand. Even now, that need does not seem to be wavering in popularity. Customized swag kits were a way to offer people a unique experience remotely in 2020.

So, to meet your clients’ ever-expanding requests, Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line has launched a collection of four new swag sets that will extend its product line to fill these unique advertising needs.


As we planned for our new 2021 product releases, we knew we needed to expand our product categories and offer unique, targeted kitting options for our distributor partners,” Pam Scott, national sales director at Bandanna Promotions, said. “So, we introduced fresh, related products and developed some really useful themes with promotional wearable accessories and logoed decor made from our USA manufactured bandannas. With these new options to mix-and-match different products together, customers can create an amazing branded swag box experience to fit any theme, event or appreciation project.”

Home & Office Decor Kit

With work-from-home offices becoming permanent in some cases, employees are looking for ways to spruce up their spaces to accommodate their needs. Whether it’s setting up a Zoom background, hiding the rest of their private living space from coworkers or having the supplies needed for a client call, this Home and Office Decor Kit provides some key branding opportunities while also enhancing decor. The swag box can also serve as a welcome-back-to-the-office appreciation gift for employees. Even though employees are returning to the office, they still might have to rely on video conferencing for the time being, and this set can create an appealing atmosphere for both video calls and future in-person meetings.

Each box can include a Pillow-Danna, as well as Table-Dannas—a table topper bandanna throw in 4’, 6’ or 8’ size and runner version—that could double as backdrops for video calls or office table logoed decor. The pillow features a two-sided 18” square print that combines a company’s logo branding with traditional bandanna solid color, printed paisley design or custom accents. These functional promotional products are great at home, the office and even as school dorm decor.

Wearables & Accessories

With the growing progression toward the return of in-person events, sporting venues and festivals provide a rare opportunity over the past year to reach the event crowd market. The Wearables & Accessories Kit provides numerous opportunities for brands to provide customers with fashionable ways to wear their logo. It also makes a great option for VIP clients at resorts, spas and salons, plus retail options for stores and gift shops as tourist attractions also begin to welcome back visitors.

Each swag set includes the choice of a Bandanna, Hav-a-Danna, Fashion-Danna, Digital Gaiter Sleeve, Hav-a-Mask and Tote-Danna. The Fashion-Danna is an extra-large 35” square bandanna that can transform into a scarf, shoulder wrap, tie, body wrap, sarong and crop top. It works great for beach-related specialty stores, boutiques, beverage distributors and outdoor brands. The gaiter is constructed from moisture-wicking microfiber with cover-stitch hems and a full-color digital print while the mask is 100% cotton with anti-microbial treatment. The mask also features elastic ear loops and stretchable hem binding. Both face coverings are reusable and washable. Additionally, they are ideal for use in restaurants, retail and grocery stores, schools, sporting events and medical offices.

Events & Trade Shows

Virtual events are the norm at the moment, but the future looks bright for in-person attendance for the second half of the year with branded event swag boxes filling the need at both virtual and on-site formats. To make an impact on attendees, ship the Events and Trade Shows Kit in advance of the event. In-person events and a sense of normalcy will eventually return, prompting people to resume travel to both corporate and entertainment events. In order to stay on top of clients’ ambitious return to normal marketing planning and budgets, make sure you take time to work on designing an exclusive product package as a giveaway or to sell to attendees. After all, limited-edition items and kits can create buzz and attract attendance with the development of a focused marketing campaign.

These kit choices include Table-Danna throw, Table-Danna runner, Bandannas, Hav-a-Mask and Tote-Danna. For all kits, the table throw is available in three table sizes—4’, 6’ and 8’. The Table-Danna makes a great statement as a valued giveaway at indoor and outdoor events, including conferences, festivals and in-store samplings.

Corporate Appreciation & Incentives

Employees across various companies and industries have faced challenges, new job requirements and even reduced hours over the past year, so employers can show how much they care with a Corporate Appreciation and Incentives Kit. Aside from a simple giveaway to the entire staff, companies can also hold promotions, milestone celebrations or incentives that result in personal use branded merch as a reward.

The choices for this swag set consist of a Pet Triangle, Tote-Danna, Digital Gaiter Sleeve, Pillow-Danna, Fashion-Danna and traditional Bandanna. The 100% cotton totes come in three custom versions—the Shoulder Tote, the Throw-Over and the Shopper. The traditional bandannas in these boxes are available in a choice of three imprint methods—screen print, rotary and digital. The newest option—the Digi-Danna—features a photographic edge-to-edge print that adds a pop to branding at outdoor events. This unique digitally imprinted bandanna comes in three material levels of softness and sheen, including 100% cotton, 100% fine sateen and 100% polyester peachskin.

“All of us at Bandanna Promotions are very excited to extend our product line to provide these new themed kits, inspiring new advertising ideas for 2021 industry growth,” Scott said. “We also encourage our distributor partners to reach out to us for any textile customization needs with bandannas or USA made fabric promotional accessories on their next customer project.”