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There is no better fun, reusable and long-lasting wearable accessory than the bandanna. “Bandannas are the perfect fit for any school function to show pride, spirit and team support regardless of the department or theme,” says Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development at ASI supplier Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line.

Target Education: Market these to schools from pre-K through college as an exciting promo to show school spirit at dances, fundraisers and pep rallies.

Help Schools Prep for Busy Sports Seasons: Football, marching band, soccer, cross country, field hockey and volleyball are all in action and in dire need of hype student sections. Tell clients to boost school spirit by handing out premium bandannas to fans. Allow them to go crazy during spirit week, feel the power of their student body at pep-rallies and look stylish while doing so.

Sponsorship Opportunities: Local businesses love pairing advertising with supporting nearby schools. Reach out to restaurants, stores and other businesses and suggest bandanas as an affordable way to grow their brand in the community.

solid colors

Solid 14" Hankie Bandanna


14″ x 14″ solid 100% cotton bandanas. Made in the USA.

Price: 144 @ $2.81 (R)



These 14″ x 14″ solid 100% cotton USA-made bandannas are perfect for local businesses to brand and give out at fundraisers. Your clients can support their community while also providing dope merch, and thanks to the wide variety of color options, any business can have a bandanna that reflects their brand’s colors.

big-time branding

Custom Printed USA Made Bandanna


22″ x 22″ 100% cotton solid bandanas. Made in the USA.

Price: 144 @ $3.90 (R)




These 22″ x 22″ 100% cotton solid bandanas have plenty of space for your education clients to put their school’s mascot in the center. Suggest schools hand them out for free at the next big pep rally or football game to turn students into a sea of school spirit.

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Pet Triangles: The Fun and Functional Gift-Giving Item

Designs are created to include various celebrations, such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and more.


NOVEMBER 10,  2022 - Promo Marketing:

With upcoming holiday events, gift-giving opportunities, and more right around the corner, it’s important that promotional products distributors focus on items that are both eye-catching and functional. From companies looking for long-lasting gifts for their employees to the perfect item to hand out to customers, keep your clients happy by stocking them up with everything they need to elevate their branded campaigns.

Your clients are likely considering items like embroidered quarter-zips for their employees, mugs as holiday giveaways, and even full kits containing multiple items to promote their holiday sales. But to make sure they’re fully ready for this celebratory season, promotional products distributors should also offer something functional.

This is especially true when working with niche clients such as breweries, veterinarians, and more top business sectors. This year, Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line is putting together fun holiday-themed digital pet triangles and is ready to partner with you to give your clients’ promotional campaigns that extra holiday cheer ‘PAW’-fect touch! Get started with this FREE sample kit.

Keep Them Warm, Keep Them Classy

Scarf-Danna & Cheer Gear Fabric Banner


USA Made 8.5″W x 52″L Scarf/Banner 100% Cotton fabric, rotary imprinted with custom color background step & repeat logo designs.

Price: 500 @ $4.00 (R)






As the fall sports season nears its end and bleeds into the colder months, fans want to stay warm but still support their school. Keep parents, faculty and students nice and warm by swaddling them in the 8.5″ x 52″ scarf-danna, clad in school colors and logos!

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