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January 2022


What's New for 2022? Glow In The Dark Bandannas Bandanas
Glow In The Dark!

What’s New for 2022?: 5 New Creative Bandanna Styles

It’s a new year—are you on top of the latest trends and styles?


What’s New For 2022? Chances are, you already have some customers looking for something fresh for their branded merchandise, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to check out some of the trends coming onto the scene for 2022.

“To be first to market with a unique advertising offering is key in this recovering business environment,” says Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line. In an industry that’s always on the lookout for fresh finds, and one that’s now even more interested in what’s manufactured in the states, the company is offering a new made-in-the-USA product collection that takes its “hot bandanna to a new level of promotional brandings,” he adds.

Check out the five new styles offered by the company as well as a few sales ideas to get a jump on 2022.

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5 New Creative Bandanna Styles from BANDANNA PROMOTIONS

Bandannas Promotions – It’s a new year—are you on top of the latest trends and styles? Chances are, you already have some customers looking for something fresh for their branded merchandise, so if you haven’t already, it’s time to check out some of the trends coming onto the scene.

mock up showing scarf rotary printed scarf NYCFC scarf-danna 1 what's new for 2022
Rotary Printed

Creative Style No. 1: Scarf-Danna


Economical and innovative, the Scarf-danna is a unique cheer gear fabric banner that your customers in the team arena may be particularly drawn to. Perfect for team logos, it can be used as a scarf or as a cheer banner. The Scarf-danna is recommended for soccer, baseball, football and any other team client.

The standard size comes in 8-1/2” wide by 52” long, but custom sizes are available per quotation. Made of cotton fabric, it is rotary printed with a custom color background and step and repeat logo designs, with orders starting at a 1,500-piece minimum for a one- or two-count imprint.

“This new extension of the traditional bandanna allows for fashion function with the promotional scarf,” notes Thackston.

man wearing Pepsi branded contemporary bandanna bandana - what's new for 2022?
Contemporary Paisley

Creative Style No. 2: Contemporary Bandanna


While it might look like a traditional bandanna, the Contemporary comes in a variety of paisley prints that give it an up-to-date flair. This style is available in new, modern colors that are both fashion forward and inline with current apparel trends.

7 different contemporary paisleys lined up what's new for 2022?

“It brings a paisley bandanna from its western roots fashion into current fashion color trends and will make any logo or brand look upscale for a classy wearable accessory fit,” Thackston states. Sized at 22×22”, this style, like all products in this new collection from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line, is made in the USA.

Pocket Hank 17" x 17" bandanna bandana what's new for 2022
Rotary Printed

Creative Style No. 3: Pocket Hank



Not everyone needs a full-sized bandanna. For those clients looking for something a little bit smaller, the Pocket Hank fits the bill. At 17×17”, the Pocket Hank is slightly smaller than the company’s traditional bandanna (22×22”), yet larger than its Sports Wav-a-Hank (14×14”). Even though it’s smaller, it still makes a statement by adding a touch of paisley to any brand. There are six different patterns available.

Image showing navy blue pocket hank what's new for 2022?

GLOW IN THE DARK bandanna bandana what's new for 2022?
Glow In The Dark

Creative Style No. 4: Glow in the Dark


This style is eye-catching from several different angles. Choose from a more traditional square shape or go for a triangle … either way, the glow-in-the-dark prints are sure to please any customer looking for the extra pop.

The Glow in the Dark comes printed on a black bandanna or triangle in sizes 14”, 22”, 27”, and 35” and is also available on rotary.

“The best part of the Glow in the Dark bandanna imprinting is not only does it give you standard brand awareness on a 22×22” huge canvas for advertising in the daytime or in light, but an extra pop of WOW factor at night for bigger eye-catching ROI,” says Thackston.

He suggests offering this style to clients that need to showcase their brand at concerts, outdoor events and festivals.

“It’s the perfect high-profile promotional product … to unique brands that would utilize their logo or design to highlight the dark, night, outer space themes, etc. for movies, TV shows and amusement parks, just to name a few options.”

There is a 144-piece minimum for this style on screen-printed bandannas, and 2,500 for the rotary process.

Rotary Printed

Creative Style No. 5: USA Neon Paisley

What's new for 2022? USA Made Neon Paisleys!

Not to be outdone when it comes to pops of color, the Neon Paisley comes in four different color choices: orange, green, yellow and pink. Thackston notes that these colors are wildly popular among brands targeting younger groups, but even work well for soft drinks and adult beverages, pet products, and even the music and entertainment industry.

In addition to Neon Paisley, the company also offers solid color neons for custom logo and layout options.

If you’re interested in any of these new styles to kickstart your 2022 offerings, you can request a free new product kit that contains one of each of the news products. It can be requested with specific colors or sizes.