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Live Events are Back!

Gearing Up for the 2022 Fundraising Scene

How Bandannas Serve to Raise Safety, Education and Awareness


Even though in-person fundraising events were forced to go virtual these past few years, efforts continued on in the face of change. And because of that, promotional products that helped raise awareness have remained a staple for any program. Now, as live gatherings start to happen once more, the time to utilize swag to promote an event and help raise funds has never been better.

Throughout the month of February, which is Heart Health month, many distributors may find themselves working with a variety of organizations—including hospitals, schools and even racing groups—to provide products that supplement a fundraising event. Whether it’s to promote safety, education or awareness, bandannas are one such item that spans an array of uses within any fundraising campaign.

“[Bandannas] are one of the largest branding imprint areas that can also be used as a wearable accessory with color and fashion design flair over and over again,” notes Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line. Check out how bandannas fit within the areas of safety, education and awareness to get any fundraising campaign rolling.

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Summertime Promo Success = Events, Festivals & Concerts Bandanna Swag-Wear

Summertime is right around the corner, and that means a plethora of fun, with exciting opportunities to create brand campaigns for event attendees


March 7th,  2023 - Promo Marketing:

With summertime comes — festivals, concerts, race events, bike events, outdoor gatherings, and so much more, all providing many opportunities for promotional products distributors (PPDs) to create products that match the summer vibe.

While your competitors might be out pitching T-shirts, water bottles, and caps, have you thought about elevating your services and adding bandannas to the mix? If you are not sure how, the following guide from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line will help. In it, you will find client-base idea centers, imprinting guides, available sales tools, and more for your GO-TO $3 and less wearable accessory promotion.

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As Heart Health month kicks off this February, bandannas can serve to not only promote a fundraising event, but to share safe practices and information. With an imprint area of 324 square inches, an INFO-bandanna from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line fits well within a branding campaign that wants to share information. “Bandannas are used for healthcare education in so many useful ways from events to supporting a cause, or to educate the public on how to live a healthier life with ideas and tips, especially in our INFO-danna option,” says Thackston.

For example, distributors working with schools can offer bandannas printed with the school logo and heart health safety tips that staff can wear throughout the duration of a fundraiser. Or perhaps the bandanna can be printed with websites and resources. Maybe a race organization is hosting a 5K to fundraise for Heart Health month. In addition to providing a printed bandanna with the race and partner logos in the swag bag, distributors can also offer products for fundraising tiers based on the dollar amount participants raise. Glow-in-the-dark bandannas can promote safety while running in addition to sharing top heart-healthy tips. “I know bandannas are one of the top promotional products for health-sponsored runs and walks for life events,” Thackston adds.

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Any good fundraiser campaign or branded event bases a lot of its success on raising awareness. Because bandannas are versatile, they make great items to promote cause and brand awareness. Thackston outlines a long list of ways to wear bandannas that will get the word out: headbands, scarves, hair ties or skull caps, wrist and arm ties, and even leg and ankle styles.

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Bandannas by Caro-line takes it one step further by offering a selection of sizes to increase options as well. “Larger size bandannas like 27×27” or the largest bandanna available (our extra-large fashion-danna 35×35”) can both be used as a wrap, sarong, crop top, scarf and tie.”

Because bandannas offer such a wide variety of uses, many organizations are already looking to use them for their health campaigns. “Almost all non-profits use bandannas: local and regional hospital systems, government agencies like the CDC, and school food and health education programs nationally to local,” says Thackston. They are, in a nutshell, fabric billboards that get health facts and tips out to customers, promote a brand, or both.


So as Heart Health kicks off and more events get going for 2022, make sure you offer all your healthcare accounts bandannas. Check in with Bandannas by Caro-Line to request a FREE Health & Awareness – (4) Pack Bandanna Kit that contains one of each of its new products to freshen your offerings. It can be requested with specific colors or sizes.