Sell The Fun! – Going Bonkers for Bandannas:

Sell the Fun!

Source: ASI-ESP MARKETING – 2021

Sell The Fun!

Bandannas are perfect no matter the decade or trend. They’re always stylish and constantly being reinvented for different uses.

Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line makes it easy to sell the fun & functional bandannas. First, select one of the various solid colors. Next, provide your client’s artwork, or let Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line create a design for you at a minimal cost. There’s a big imprint area to share your client’s message, up to 18″ x 18″. This product is a great fit for:

  • Fundraisers
  • Businesses
  • Real estate
  • Banking
  • Sporting events

Educate Clients on Silkscreen Printing

In silkscreen printing, the imprint color is laid down on a dyed piece of cloth. The color of the cloth can change the color of the imprint. For example, a red imprint on blue cloth could lose some of its redness. Unlike T-shirts, bandanas cannot be printed with a white base coat first. If matching a PMS color is critical, it’s best to use a white or natural bandanna. Keep in mind, silkscreen printing does not allow for edge-to-edge printing. All designs must have a border. When starting with a blank 22” bandanna, the imprint size is 18” x 18”. There are many pre-printed designs your clients can add their logo to. These designs offer open center, overprint or edge-print options. Multicolor imprints are available starting at 144 pieces. A screen is needed for each color, and up to six spot colors can be printed.


Best Basic Bandanna

4900T Orange Import bandanna bandana sell the fun

Solid 14″ Hankie Bandanna

795 USA
14″ x 14″ solid 100% cotton bandanas. Made in the USA.
Price: 144 @ $2.78 (R)

Bandannas are the perfect way to show the camaraderie of being together again. As schools reopen and sports start up again, the desire to proudly boast their school name on a wide variety of promotional products comes with it. This 14″ bandanna provides the perfect amount of space for your client’s branding and logo. The university bookstore is always a highlight of a first visit after receiving an acceptance letter, but that excitement can be captured at any education level via a physical storefront at the school or a local business. Even a pop-up e-commerce store can create buzz. They can include a variety of gear with multiple combinations of the school name, mascot name and phrases like “Class of 2022,” or include alumni items to allow former students to show off their alma mater.

Great For

    Rotary Is The Right Choice

    rotary printed bandanna bandana sell the fun

    Rotary Printed Hanky

    14″ x 14″ rotary-printed cotton/polyester blend handkerchiefs. Made in the USA.
    Price: 5000 @ $1.57 (R)

    School teams need promotional products for more than just fundraisers. From specific merchandise for each sport to pep rallies to game-day giveaways, sports programs are always on the lookout for the latest ideas to attract fans and keep the stands emblazoned in team colors. This bandanna is available in more than a dozen colors, and adding the team logo will emphasize cheering as the final seconds wind down during a game-winning drive, and doubles as a post-game memento.

    Great for

    • Summer picnics & parties
    • Walk-a-thons, charity runs, 5ks
    • Student recruitment events

      Pump It Up for This Promo

      sell the fun

      Custom Printed Bandanna

      4800 – USA
      22″ x 22″ 100% cotton solid bandanas. Made in the USA.
      Price: 144 @ $3.87 (R)

      Bandannas add color to pep rallies before a big game, and will likely be visible at the game as well. Your clients can sell a standard version at the team’s merch stand at games and make specialty versions for different events like pep rallies, sponsored giveaways and playoff game giveaways.

      For example, the main design could feature a headband layout that includes a 2”-high band with the team name printed diagonally on the bandanna square that, when folded, will appear across the forehead. Players can even sport these under their helmets as a sweatband.

      Great For

      • Professional & collegiate athletic programs
      • Company uniform programs
      • Health & wellness programs
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        Educate Clients on Digital Printing: 

        Get the realistic pop clients want with this printing process, which delivers the impact, color and message to the marketplace with a low minimum. This process involves printing an image directly from a computer-generated design file onto fabric substrates by way of a large-format inkjet printer. It involves starting with a white cloth, full color on the front and a solid white back, and is ideal for artwork with fine details or photographic images. The possibilities are endless when it comes to digital printing.

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        Bandannas and Pet Swag - The Perfect Fall Pairing for Beverage Promotion

        As you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance there’s some sort of beverage in your hand or on your desk.


        September 5th,  2023 - Promo Marketing:

        In this ever-growing category, the explosion of specialty beverages like flavored seltzers, micro-brewery limited edition drops, and new energy drinks that promise to keep you going have provided the population with a plethora of choices. And while water still reigns supreme, people are consuming a variety of specialty beverages more and more.

        It might not seem like it at first, but this is a ripe opportunity for promotional products distributors (PPDs) to create some unique branding opportunities. According to statistics shared by Globe Newswire, spending on sports drink advertising alone totaled $159 million in 2018, and that was five years ago. Think of all the possibilities there are to help locally owned wineries stand out in the crowd; think of all the ways you can help a microbrewery or local coffee shop get their name in front of more customers. Using unique branded bandannas from Bandanna Promotions by Caro-line is the ticket.

        Get started with this FREE sample kit.