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How the Return of Outdoor Events Creates More Summer Fun Promotional Opportunities

May 12th, 2021

Summer 2021 is gearing up to be much different than last summer. With states loosening restrictions and the number of Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 growing each day, a lot of people are itching to get out and resume their usual fun-filled summers that consist of festivals, concerts, and outdoor activities with family, friends and even their dogs.


Event organizers and promoters are likely just as eager. Since promotional products go hand-in-hand with each of these events, now it is the time to start pursuing opportunities for all the outdoor activities making a comeback in the next few months. In case you’re a bit rusty on selling to these types of festivities, here’s a breakdown of four summer fun activities that are expected to be reunited with promotional opportunities this summer.

Festivals and Concerts

The concert industry lost a staggering $30 million dollars globally last year, according to Pollstar, but on the bright side, acts are gearing up for a summer return, and that reopens a huge market to promotional product needs. Many musicians are planning for their return to stages across the country, with acts like Justin Bieber, Alicia Keys, Guns N’ Roses and a large selection of big name country music stars having dates booked through the summer. The show must go on, so will the need for promo merch.

willie nelson in various concert poses wearing bandanna bandana

Obviously, a sold-out, in-person crowd with attendees gathering around the merch stand has been non-existent over the past year, so ensure attendees have a variety of desirable items at varying price points to choose among. Even different sized bandannas can provide that range. From a standard bandanna to a large 27” bandanna to an extra-large 35” Fashion-Danna wearable—which can create a unique alternative to a concert tee—concert-goers can find something to fit their style and accessory fashion needs.


Another opportunity includes the VIP package offered to fans willing to pay top dollar for exclusive merch, a meet and greet and backstage access among other perks. Include a trendy tie-dye cotton bandanna in a choice of 16 imported patterns as a limited-edition piece. The artist and tour name can be overprinted on the dyed 22” square cloth in a variety of ways, including the step-and-repeat rotary method that ensures the imprint is visible no matter how it’s folded and worn. For even more visibility, have the performers wear the exclusive piece for at least a few songs. A Bandanna Promotions customer for more than three decades, Willie Nelson wore his branded bandanna in countless performances.

Local and national festivals will make a return, too, with many large events postponed until late-summer. Both Bonnaroo and Summerfest are scheduled to kick off Sept. 2. Though mask mandates and social distancing may still be in effect depending on local regulations, small, local events—like town fairs, community festivals and biker rallies—are expected to return sooner, allowing brands to interact with potential customers once again. At bike shows, a Hav-A-Danna with 8” ties is worn under a helmet, so it will be a highly desired giveaway with its diverse 23 colors and patterns available.


Don’t forget that even postponed and cancelled events still present branding opportunities. Large music festivals, like Coachella, which has been pushed back multiple times since April 2020, now boasts its online store on its homepage instead of advertising an upcoming event. So revered events have the option to continue to sell products to give usual attendees a sense of still being there even when they can’t, but that could also include local festivals that promote hometown pride or nonprofit events where the proceeds benefit causes dear to buyers’ hearts.


“Outdoor concerts, festivals, runs and marathons are big markets for us,” Pam Scott, national sales director at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line, said. “Bandannas are such a great giveaway or merchandise item that can be utilized by attendees at a given festivity and beyond. We hope our customers can find ample ways to reunite our one size fits all promotional bandannas with summer promotions this year.”


June is known as gay pride month. While some festivities will continue to be virtual this year or have been postponed until the fall, others are returning to in-person, but socially distanced celebrations next month. From Key West, Fla., to Chicago, to Dallas, the LGBTQ+ community will gather across the country for festivals, drag shows, parades, dance parties and other various events. This provides so many opportunities for businesses to be allies with the LGBTQ+ community. Whether it’s cobranding an item in sponsorship with the festivities, giving away promotional products during the month of June to show support or promoting a free product with purchase, there are plenty of ways to get your clients involved. And don’t forget to decorate your furry doggie friends, too.

Many festivals recruit vendors to round out the events that also boast live music and on-site food and drink options. These provide the return of one-on-one marketing instances with attendees. Offering business information, a sign-up sheet for company marketing emails and a bandanna giveaway are all ways for your clients to communicate with prospective customers. A novelty rainbow flag bandanna imprinted with a logo is a great way for attendees to show pride and promote a given business simultaneously.

Hiking, Camps, Runs and Rides

As the weather warms up, people will be seeking outdoor activities more frequently. That could mean recreational hikes and runs with friends, the return of guided hikes and charity runs, or children’s summer camp activities. Regardless, promotional bandannas can have a positive impact on the experiences. A bandanna is great at assisting to keep sweat from its wearer’s eyes, but a dual-functioning bandanna can also serve as a map for a particular trail, race course or scavenger hunt. MapWear comes in 24 colors, can be printed with any map and is resistant to damage—unlike paper maps. Also, it can easily be worn or stored in a pocket when not in use.


Outdoor Activities with Pets

Humans may be experiencing cabin fever, but so are their canine companions. When dogs are eager for adventure, they can do it in style with the Doggie-Danna Pet Triangle Bandannas. Available in three sizes, they will fit dogs of all breeds and sizes. A pet triangle can serve as a much-needed bonus to an annual checkup at the vet or walking billboard for a variety of animal-related businesses, like groomers, shelters, pharmaceutical companies, stores and dog-walking ventures.


Triangles are available with an edge-to-edge rotary print, screen print or full-color digital print in a variety of colors, including neons. Add a pet collar channel to secure it to a pup’s collar. 

“We’re eager to see outdoor events return responsibly across the country,” Scott said. “There’s nothing better than seeing our bandannas at festivals, concerts, pride celebrations, hikes, marathons, charity runs, dog walks and so much more. We hope our wide array of bandannas offer the perfect way to commemorate events and keep outdoor enthusiasts reaching for their favorite branded bandanna every time they—and their dogs—step outside for some fresh air this summer.”