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Each month we have a feature article in Promo Marketing Magazine showcasing our latest products and product trends. Here is this months article:

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Patriotic Holiday Promotions with American Made Pride

girl wearing hat draped in american flag

June 5th, 2021

Independence Day is a lot of things. Obviously, it’s a celebration of the country’s birth, but also a chance to unwind at a cookout with family and friends, a time to watch spectacular fireworks, and also an opportunity to sport your best red, white and blue gear to showcase your American pride. But compared to last year when many opted to watch virtual fireworks from their couch, this July and beyond are already gearing up to look a lot different with reopening plans in place.

In Nashville, for example, Brad Paisley is headlining the return of the in-person annual July Fourth concert that will be capped with what the city is calling “the largest fireworks show in Nashville history.” And the Music City—what better place is there to symbolize the iconic bandanna with theme promotions! This huge event isn’t alone—towns and cities across the country are announcing their Independence Day celebrations, parades and firework displays. Here’s a look at how to get your clients in on the patriotic promotions this Fourth of July and throughout the rest of the year’s holiday events.

Return of Independence Day Events

There’s nothing like gathering for good food and fireworks. Whether it’s in one’s backyard or at the town’s annual Fourth of July festival, people are ready to come back together safely and celebrate the nation’s birth. What is also exciting is the desire for local businesses to promote themselves at these patriotic events. In order to better pitch clients, learn what is happening in their communities and suggest their clients get involved in order to get some foot traffic in their businesses during the town’s high-profile event and, at the same time, give attendees a festive item, like a bandanna, to wear.

Choose among a dozen stock patriotic bandannas so your clients can share some American pride with their employees, customers or prospective customers.

Each 100% cotton bandanna measures 22”, has rolled-hem edges and can feature your client’s screen printed artwork. Or, customize any bandanna to fit your client’s cause with a variety of stock borders and custom paisley options that allow companies to integrate their branding into a classic paisley design. They make great in-store giveaways or retail items leading up to Independence Day, but also are a fantastic way to gain brand recognition and create a sea of your client’s brand colors at festivals and concerts this summer.

“We are so excited that people will once again be able to gather together to celebrate our country’s birth, and we know our collection of bandannas in an array of sizes, colors and styles will help brands across the country showcase their American pride,” Pam Scott, national sales director at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line, said. “From festivals to concerts to fireworks displays, our USA-made bandannas will light up any gathering in red, white and blue.”

Patriotism Lasts Year-Round

Even if a company’s marketing dollars haven’t returned just yet, keep in mind that patriotism is a year-round celebration. With President’s Day and Memorial Day in the rearview mirror, Flag Day and honoring our veterans are still on the horizon, Election Day primaries are ongoing, and the general election and Veterans Day are approaching this fall, so there are so many ways to show American pride year-round. So, if now isn’t the right time for your client, try again or use it as an opportunity to find some new clients prior to the next patriotic holiday or election.

budweiser products on top of camouflage bandanna bandana 

Another great promotional idea to consider is creating a bandanna that isn’t tied to one event, but could be used for any red, white and blue festivity in the future. With so many patriotic causes, there will be ample opportunities for the client to use the versatile themed product to make a big impact. After all, a standard bandanna boasts an 18” square imprint area—much larger than most promo items, so businesses can be ready to make that impression at a moment’s notice.

Push to Buy American

The desire for American-made products is nothing new, but the push may be getting stronger. The federal government has mandated its agencies to give preference to purchasing American-made products for almost a century, but more recently, private companies’ desire to represent their brands with USA-made promotional products has increased, so your clients may insist you only pitch them products both created and imprinted in the United States. While an item could be just imprinted or assembled stateside, a process that starts and ends within the U.S. borders may be a higher hurdle to clear. However, Bandanna Promotions’ product line boasts an array of wearables that are made and imprinted within its owned and operated facilities in the Carolinas, so finding those products doesn’t have to be difficult.

Even if clients aren’t asking for American-made items exclusively, they may be interested in the benefits that are the result of U.S. production. First of all, there is the economic benefit to using American labor to create the product (Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line has over 50 employees for its promotional side of the company—three-quarters of whom are skilled laborers). Secondly, there’s the environmental factor by not having to import product from overseas. As an added bonus, that means the product is never out of stock at Bandanna Promotions and will arrive to the customer sooner since it’s only shipping domestically. Finally, there’s just a general pride to be able to say a product is made in America—and it also stays true to the theme with a USA creation boasting American patriotism.

“As a company that has 75 years of American history, we take pride in creating patriotic bandannas,” Scott said. “While we value each and every bandanna we make, our USA-themed ones are extra special because they promote our country in both their construction and appearance. We hope your clients will take as much pride in them as we do this Fourth of July and throughout the year.

soldierfather holding son wrapped in American flag son holding bandanna bandana