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What's New This Month? March 2021

Each month we have a feature article in Promo Marketing Magazine showcasing our latest products and product trends. Here is this months article:

JANUARY 8, 2021



The year of 2020 had a lot of unexpected obstacles, but many people still counted down to some relatively normal New Year’s resolutions, like getting in shape or losing weight—though they may add hopes of being closer than 6 feet to loved ones as well.

The start of the year is usually flooded with new gym memberships, marathon sign-ups, and fitness activities and family in order to reach these exercise goals. However, the start of a new year may not signal a return to normalcy for all businesses. As COVID-19 regulations vary across the country, so do selling opportunities to help end-users improve themselves in 2021. And there is one product category that is able to rise to the challenge.

5 Dogs wearing different colored bandannas

“Bandannas remain a trendy and versatile piece for any promotion, but continually prove to be great for a variety of fitness events, like 5k’s charity walks and many other outdoor events,” Pam Scott, national sales director at Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line, said. “Even though many events have looked different over the past year, we can still assist our distributor partners in finding the perfect promotions for bandannas.”

Here are four fitness-related sales opportunities for bandannas that can help clients promote their brands and be involved in their customers’ brand new selves this year, regardless of their location.

Head Outdoors

Most people will prefer cozying up to their fireplaces with hot chocolate over exercising outdoors this month, but there are new options to consider this year. While motivation levels may be low, cabin fever will be at a 10 at the start of 2021 in states with pandemic-related restrictions.

Despite that, promotion outdoor exercise is a win for all clients. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes immediate benefits of a single moderate-to-vigorous workout include better sleep, reduced anxiety and low blood pressure, while long-term benefits of a fitness regimen results in a strong immune system and helps prevent chronic health conditions—both vital in the fight against COVID-19.

Companies can reap the benefits of healthier customers by giving away bandannas in an upcoming promotion to convey a message or promote the company, as well as keep the sweat at bay during those workouts. Even better, it can double as a mask when approaching others on hikes, runs or bike rides at the local park or trail.

man running face covered by bandanna
woman and dog running while wearing bandanna

Adopt a Four-Legged Friend

While the pandemic has hurt the economy overall, the pet market became a bright spot and a recession-proof area in the promotional products industry in 2020. As some parts of the country instituted a shelter-in-place order in March (and again through the year in hard-hit areas), residents were forced to quarantine with their households or, in some cases, by themselves. As people longed for social interaction, rescue animals benefited, with adoption rates skyrocketing. In fact, 20 percent of people Nielsen surveyed this summer admitted to adopting at least one dog or cat since the pandemic began—about a 5 percent increase over the same timeframe last year, according to USA Today.

Pet bandannas become a great resource for rescues and shelters since the product can promote the business and encourage others to add furry friends to their families. Also, pet bandannas adorned with phrases like “Adopt Me!” can catch the eyes of passers-by as foster parents or shelter volunteers take canines looking for a forever home on neighborhood strolls.

Additionally, dog supplies, obedience training, vet visits and more related expenses have skyrocketed. Nielsen also reported a 13 percent dog leash and 18 percent pet toy sales increase year-over-year during a 24-week period ending Aug. 15. So, it’s easy to see that pet bandannas will be a coveted option for pet pharmaceutical companies, pet stores, groomers, veterinarians and dog walking companies to meet the consumer demand for all types of pet products.

Find a Good Cause

Marathons, charity walks and bike races looked drastically different in 2020. Whether participant numbers were capped to maintain a socially distant event, moved entirely to a virtual format or cancelled completely, event organizers have begun to plan for this year’s editions.

Regardless of the 2021 format, event organizers can still design race swag bags that include a bandanna that can double as a race map or a commemorative keepsake. In addition, a social media campaign can encourage runners, walkers or cyclists to wear the bandannas and post images to social media with an official race hashtag. Therefore, include that hashtag on the bandanna or team up with the event sponsor to enhance the company’s ad spend by featuring its logo on all giveaways.

Head to the Gym

The beginning of the year is often a profitable time for gyms and fitness centers, as resolutions prompt a spike in new client signups. It turns out that about 11 percent of gym memberships are purchased in January—the top sales month of the year, according to Time. This year doesn’t have to be any different. Gym doors are still open for businesses in some areas, while others might have opted to create a makeshift gym in a park or gym parking lot in order to keep group classes or personal training sessions available during mandated shutdowns. Meanwhile, others may be hosting virtual sessions on a video platform or social media.

Any of those options support a bandanna as part of a sign-up package that will keep sweat out of clients’ eyes as they shed pounds, or as a challenge prize designed to award gym-goers who complete a designated number of sessions or a monthly challenge. After all, a great way to motivate people is with incentives.

“A hankie, headscarf, sweatband, mask, gaiter and more—our American-made bandannas have so many functional uses that will help your clients with their New Year’s marketing resolutions,” Scott said. “More importantly, your clients can tell any story with the bandannas completely customizable 18×18” imprint areas.”