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Last year, during the height of the pandemic, did you notice your neighborhood got a little, well, furrier?

With the work from home revolution in full swing, people started thinking, “Hey, you know, now might be a good time to get a dog.” With all that newfound free time to take them for walks and train them, there weren’t many better times to bond with a new pet.

Now that the world is opening up a little bit, with outdoor concerts, festivals and plenty of outdoor dining, it’s never been a better time to bring your four-legged friends on field trips.

What that means is that all of those pet-friendly businesses should find ways to use their new customers for additional branding. This is where a good Pet Triangle Bandanna from Bandanna Promotions fits in perfectly.

Walking Billboards

Let’s say your customer is brewery looking for new ways to get their brand image out into the community. Rather than trying traditional T-shirts or hats for new potential customers…be unique with a logo branded pet-triangle bandanna for their furry friends. The brewery or distillery can either use as a give-away or stock in a gift shop turns customers and their pets into walking billboards—literally the best advertising ROI available.

Beer drinkers love brewery merchandise. It’s like a cool band T-shirt: It advertises their tastes (literally), where they’ve gone and a lot of it just looks cool.

Breweries can use the imprint area on a pet triangle bandanna to include their own branding, contact information and new releases just like they would on T-shirts for humans.

By including everyone in the family, even the ones with fur, you can reach a much wider audience.

With that in mind, real estate companies and banks can go the extra mile with their customers to include dogs as part of the family. Maybe after a family closes on a home or mortgage, a real estate firm or bank could give a triangle bandanna with dog bones or paw prints (both stock borders on Bandanna triangle bandannas) with a message celebrating the pooch’s new digs. With ample messaging space, the design would also include the realtor or financial institution’s logo.