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Each month we have a feature article in Promo Marketing Magazine showcasing our latest products and product trends. Here is this months article:

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How to Spread the Word With Nonprofit-Themed Promotions

August 13, 2021 – Brendan Menapace

Anyone who’s completed a marathon, 5k, fun run or walkathon will tell you that the most rewarding part of the process was crossing that finish line after months (or years) of training and preparation. And they’re not lying. But they’re also not telling the whole truth, perhaps.

Because, those same people likely have more than their race bib or medal to remember the day. Promotional products like bandannas are perfect accompanying pieces for these types of athletic or charity events, no matter what level of athletic achievement is necessary.

A bandanna ticks a lot of boxes for a successful promotion: ample imprint space on a flat surface, usable/reusable (less likely to end up in a landfill after one day), tons of color options to match specific corporate branding or logo design, the list goes on.

girl wearing bright blue bandanna getting ready for fitness run

Not convinced? Here are a few applications for bandannas and similar products for events like charity and awareness 5K runs, marathons, pet adoption events and so much more. Bandanna Promotions by Caro-Line is celebrating it’s 75th year of Made in the USA print, cut and sew production to fulfill any promotional event need with the original fabric square of logo magic.


Commemorate the Route

Each race is different, and part of the fun is seeing how the organizers use a city’s geography and street layout to create a course. A bandanna is a perfect canvas for commemorating the racecourse by printing a map right on the bandanna, like the Map Wear bandanna with 23 colors to choose from. In addition to the map, it can feature the names of charitable partners or sponsors for the race around the outside, creating a functional item that becomes a keepsake as soon as the event is over.

Everyone cheering along the finish line can wave a product like the made-in-the-USA 795 Series Hanky, a 14” piece with rolled-hem edges that comes in 14 color options.

Aside from races, businesses like camps, ski resorts or hiking clubs can print their names on bandannas for uniforms or keepsakes, and include any sponsor companies or charitable partners’ names, too.

For events like these, which often operate alongside nonprofits or other organizations, educating end-users is a huge part of the process. The bandanna itself can be useful tool there.


Tell a Story

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and major sports leagues like the NFL have traditionally gone all-out with their pink branding to show their support for the cause.

These charities and nonprofits, whether they’re big enough to have their logo on the sidelines of an NFL game or just on the back fence of a Little League field, need to get the word out. Think of a bandanna in this case as a flyer with more of a purpose and reuse ability. The Info-Danna creates space for more than just a logo.

You can print an organization’s branding image, as well as health information about the cause, and how people can better educate themselves to prevent or catch it early.

Bandanna Promotions offers four different types of printing processes for its made- and decorated-in-the-U.S. products, meaning distributors can offer their clients a host of decoration options with quick turnaround times.

You’re not limited to human end-users, either.


Remember Your Furry Friends


Bandannas, like the Pet Triangle Bandanna, can come in handy for events involving animals, like pet adoption events or training seminars. Also, organizations and health care providers regularly bring therapy dogs in to cheer up patients and help them on their healing journey.

A Pet Triangle Bandanna tied around a dog’s neck is like any other uniform, and it turns a fun moment into an opportunity for educating others on organizations’ capabilities. Or, it serves as a keepsake for the pup to take home after it graduates from training—like a graduation cap for dogs!

And for adoption events, groups like the local Humane Society or similar animal rescue programs can deck their dogs out in triangle bandannas beckoning attendees to “adopt me!”

After all, pets are walking billboards. Any pet-friendly business—like breweries, pet hotels, grooming businesses and more—can benefit from their “customers” strutting around town showing off their logo, just like you do with a T-shirt.


The Options are Unlimited

A bandanna can act like a pamphlet without being printed on paper. It has all of the space for logos and information of a pamphlet or a flier, but the function of an accessory or keepsake.

“Our products may be square, but we continue to think out-of-the box with innovative USA Made fabric creations for our distributor partners and their end-user’s advertising needs,” says Scott Thackston, director of marketing and product development for Bandanna Promotions.

Bandanna Promotions offers a wide variety of styles—from the classic paisley to camouflage and tie-dye—creating an opportunity for end-buyers to create different aesthetic choices for their clients.